Biopsychology 8th Edition by John P.J. Pinel

1Biopsychology is an approach towards the study of biological behavior with an intensive coverage on the neural mechanism of psychological processes. This book has been authored by John P.J. Pinel. The 8th edition of the book was released on Oct 19th 2010 with 608 pages on a hardcover, published by Pearson in English language. The author has introduced many new features in the 8th edition including MyPsychLab – an online reference resource, which is electronic version of Biopsychology. These website links has the Virtual Brain and Bioflix which provides students an interactive layout of the human brain and tutor themselves in bio-psychology.

This new edition also contains 743 new references and special illustrations which were designed by the author himself with his wife/designer wife Maggie. The writer has kept a simple and understanding table of contains so as to give a good picture of the book and with the new illustrations the reading has just became more and more interesting.

John P.J. Pinel, who is professor at the University of British Columbia, is also an award winning teacher as well as a writer for over 200 scientific papers. Some of the books written by John are The Colorful Introduction to the Anatomy of Human Brain, Basics of Biopsychology with MyPsychKit, Biopsychology with Beyond the Brain and Behavior, Current Research in Biopsycholgy. With the advent of science, the in-depth study has uncovered broad themes in the field of Biopsychology, which the author has emphasized with the help of distinctive theme tabs and high lightened in four categories viz., Clinical Implications, Neuro-plasticity, the evolutionary perspective and thinking creatively.

The author has enabled a preview website where a sample of the pdf chapters are available which could be read through even before buying the book. The full versions of the books are also available in the pdf formats and e-books and can be downloaded with minimal charges. It is also available on the physical store which comes in hard cover, soft cover and paperback bindings.This book has covered defining feature of biopsychology and is a student oriented reference book rather than textbook oriented.

The author has clear and engaging intentions towards the presentation of the book so as to make it relevant to its readers. With many outstanding reviews the book has found its place among graduate junior/senior level and has received many thanks from other teachers as well, others have just admitted being enjoying learning and teaching from it to others.

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